Chinese Cultural Week

Chinese Cultural Week

  • Lion Dance Performance
  • Chinese Art and Craft workshops (Sachets, Pinwheel and Dough Handcrafts)
  • Chinese Specialty Snack Making (K1 – Traditional Candy Wraps ; K2 – Candy-Coated Fruit Haws ; K3 – Sweet Dumplings)
  • Traditional Chinese games
  • Chinese New Year Cleaning Activity
  • Chinese New Year Celebration Activity
  • Chinese New Year Gathering Activity



  • Understand and appreciate Chinese culture and art, and cultivate children’s national identity and sense of belonging to the country
  • Cultivate interest and love for Chinese culture by making traditional handicrafts and Chinese snacks
  • Understand the traditional customs and festivals of Chinese culture and let children feel the atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals
  • Understand and appreciate traditional Chinese costumes by wearing Chinese costumes


Brief Descriptions

  • The school invited a lion dance team to perform a lion dance performance for the children. The children could understand the history, variety and form of lion dance, they also interacted with the lion dance closely and tried to manipulate the lion dance themselves after watching the performance. The children were excited and engaged.
  • Children made different traditional Chinese handicrafts, such as sachet making, pinwheel making and dough dolls. The children understood different Chinese cultures and arts and appreciated their values and characteristics through the activities.
  • The school invited parent volunteers to help make Chinese specialty snacks with the children, including traditional candy wraps, candy-coated fruit haws and sweet dumplings. The children also could eat their food together during tea time.
  • The traditional Chinese games were placed in Heep Yunn Playground, such as pot throwing, stones catching, lion dances, spinning tops, cuju and spinning handkerchiefs, etc. The children can experience the ancient traditional Chinese games, also inherit the traditional Chinese culture.
  • The Chinese New Year is one of the main traditional Chinese festivals. The school held Chinese New Year cleaning activity, Chinese New Year celebrations activity and Chinese New Year gathering activity, so the children could learn about the traditional customs of the Chinese New Year and share the joy of this festival. On the day of the Chinese New Year celebrations activity and Chinese New Year gathering activity, the children dressed in Chinese costumes, filling the event with a lively Chinese New Year atmosphere. The school also arranged different activities, such as making Chinese New Year art and crafts, taking photos, Chinese New Year greetings, and playing a game – Find lucky words , etc. Enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the Chinese New Year with children.


Children enjoyed watching the Lion Dance Performance, they even loved interacting with the lions.


After the performance, children had an opportunity to manipulate the lion dance and took pictures with the lions.


Children enjoyed doing the pinwheel art-craft.


K3 children were making a lovely yellow duck by flour.


K2 children were doing a lovely panda by flour.


Children were making their own sachets by choosing their favourite scented fillings.


K1 children were making Chinese traditional candy wrap.



K2 were making the sugar-coated fruit haws.


K3 were making sweet dumpling.


Children experienced the traditional Chinese games in Heep Yunn playground.


Children were engaged to do cleaning at school.


Children participated in Chinese New Year activities.